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Review: Khorne - We Begin

I got very excited with this band! It is not so easy to find bands referring to the (breath-taking) universe of the Warhammer roleplaying game (as early Bolt Thrower used to do), and to expect that someone managed to weave such references into the shape of a most heavy death/doom was something simply unthinkable. And the band at hand being from Pakistan? It could only happen in a parallel world! And it seems that (for my joy), THIS ONE is the parallel dimension to a more "normal" one, since here we have Khorne, which presents in this EP 5 solid slabs of death/doom clearly inspired by names as early Cathedral and Anathema. A sort of "dark groove" pervades the sound most of the time, more evidently in the track Memoirs of Chaos, creating a pleasant feeling kind of similar to that of great bands from the early 90's.
A great effort, that really should be heard by any doom metal fanque se preze.

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